Horn Test

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What Train Horn is the Loudest?

That is exactly what I set out to find out. I compiled a list of 22 horns for the test. I took all of the horns out to a large open field and put them to the test with over $10K in testing equipment. Check out the review below for more information.

Only a small sample of the loudest horns where showcased in the above video, below is a full review, sound sample, and test data, from all of the 22 horns tested.

NOTE: About the sound clips, they are all recorded at the same volume level, so if one sounds softer then the others that means it is not as loud. the sound was also recorded as to not ‘clip’ so they may sound softer than you are used too, but it is a faithful representation of what they sound like. Not how loud they sound.

The Results:

At 3 Foot:

HORN_DATA_FINALAnd at 100 Foot:

HORN_DATA_FINAL_100fAnd now onto each individual horn for comparison in more detail.

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(2) Individual horn reviews
(3) Sound clips
(4) Spectral graphs
(5) Frequency graphs
(6) On Location

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14 thoughts on “Horn Test

  1. Chris Ouellette

    Hey Doug your presentation was excellent. There was a lot of scientific study sort of speak and very informative. I’m just a regular guy who has a 1996 Ford F150 xlt and just wants a cool VERY loud horn to show off to friends. With all the info you gave I’m still at a crossroads as to which horn to get for my application (just screwing around). I was hoping that the Klein 730 with the master blaster would dominate as that’s what I was leaning towards to purchase, but I’m not sold on it yet. I want a horn that is all black and that’s one of the main reasons I was interested in the Klein. What would recommend to me for my use? Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Doug

      Thanks for the comment. I would venture over to the sound clips and take a listen to the different horns, for I would pick what sounds most like what you want. The Klein 730 is a well made horn with thick steel. I did not see a huge advantage to the Blast master kit. The stock kit with a good size feed line should work well for you. The only other all black horn I would chose, would be the Shocker from Hornblasters, that and the Klein 730 are the only few that can be split up.

  2. Luke

    Thanks for all the info. Do you have any information about the MPC Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit -110 PSI Air System 150dB+ on Amazon. It has great reviews. I was just curious what you thought I am trying to decided between the Shocker 240 complete Train Horn Kit or the Amazon one. $600 vs $200.

    • A good friend of mine had that Amazon horn set! The horn was nice but the compressor / tank system did not last very long, and was very slow. But as for the sound, the shocker is going to be much much louder than that amazon horn. It is similar in build and output to the AH-B4 Bullet I tested above if that helps. It has the loudness, but not the chest shaking sound the shocker does. Check out the frequency response and sound clips of the shocker and AH-B4 on here to make up your mind if the extra cost is worth it to you!

  3. Justin

    Super in depth review Doug! And I couldn’t have found it at a better time. My coworker and I were debating on which Horn Blasters kit I should purchase. I was interested in the Shocker kit. However he has the Outlaw and suggested that the all metal construction would produce a higher quality, louder sound. However this wasn’t the case in your demonstration. I really appreciated all the effort you put into this review. I know you don’t work for Horn Blasters, but they should hook you up for showing the world that their kits are far superior to the competition. Thanks again!

    • Thanks! It was a surprise to me as well! and that is what I enjoy about doing these tests. And lets just say I made allot of friends and well.. enemies because of this test. But the facts are what are important. For they speak the truth.

  4. Diego Nrike

    unfortunately braking hard and blowing my Honda Civic horn was not enough to avoid the accident with the idiot! texting . when driving…* got to get me a HORNBLASTER”…
    I`m in Orlando Florida, 32803. Its possible to use the Bullet horn,$89. on my 2008 Honda and on my 2014 Trike- 3 wheel motorcycle-?
    where to go for sales and installation?…
    Thank you

  5. Doug Bowman

    The music is stupid and distracts from the otherwise excellent video. Why not drop the background music? It’s distracting and makes it more difficult to hear.

  6. Dr Vena

    I want to thank you for the great sounding horn that I purchased for my nephew. Works perfect and great instructions on installation. I called Tuesday for some extra air hose and was at my home 2 days later. Great support and service that is not usually seen today. Thx again. Dr Vena Jupiter Florida .

    • Yes I want the Nathan k la train horn how much is the train horn and the extra valves to make it loud

  7. jeff

    I realize this testing was done a while back but I would love to see Kalhenburg D1 and or D2 horns added to a test like this to see how they stand against the Nathans. I belive there would be a new champ!

    • Jeff,
      Selecting the horns was a tricky process, most where chosen for there ‘hard to believe’ claims by the MFG. Most commercial and rial use air horns are bound by regulation, and they use proper testing techniques, I have found their results to be so reliable, there was almost no need to test any high end locomotive horns, for I could just go by their data. The Nathan was just a ‘ruler’ to show what a true locomotive horn can do under the same conditions.

      For example here is a good data set from Kahlenberg,

      The D1 scored 138dB(A) and I found the Nathan I tested at 149.4dB(A) So darn close, and I am sure with the same volume of air and pressure, with similar weather conditions, it would compare equally.
      Nice horn choice BTW!

      • Train_Horny_UK

        A few which I would’ve liked to have seen added (given that I have them, but not your high grade sound measuring device);

        United Pacific 46115
        Behemoth Inline
        Any 3+ chime Buell horns
        Nathan k6la (is it truly louder than a stock k5…stay tuned)

        All possibly contenders for the almighty shockers.

        Where did you get the 48″ semi truck horn from?

  8. Dirk

    Great review andere very helpful. I own a small boat andere I decided to put a loud horn on it. My budget is around 400-500 dollar. I am looking for a loud horn but with a Nice deel sound. Which one would you recommend?

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